Our Mission

Photo of white fishThe purpose of the Rainy Lake Fisheries Charity Trust is to promote healthy Rainy Lake and Rainy River ecosystem, healthy Rainy Lake and Rainy River fishery and encourage future recreational fisheries research projects on the lake through community-based partnerships. The ultimate goal of the Trust is to conserve a healthy Rainy Lake ecosystem for present and future generations, while engaging local communities in the acquisition of new knowledge and improved resource management.

Specific objectives of the Trust are to improve the scientific basis for management of the recreational fishery by supporting research, and the development of fisheries expertise. New information will contribute to decision-making and conservation efforts at the local level, and possibly to fisheries policy and management at the provincial level. The Trust will create local interest and awareness of the social and economic benefits to be derived from a healthy Rainy Lake fishery. A better public understanding of the significance of the recreational fishery and the aquatic environment will only help to preserve the benefits the lake provides to the local community.